Percentage Of Religions In The World

Today’s respondents were 10 percentage points less likely to value having children and 20 points less likely to highly prize.

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However, only three in ten knew basic facts about other world religions with the exception of Islam, about which Americans demonstrated more knowledge. Most Americans were unaware that Jews and.

400 million people (6 percent) practicing various folk or traditional religions, including African traditional. About half of all Christians in the world are Catholic, 37 percent are part of the.

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Fifty percent of the population follow traditional religion, 35 percent are Catholic. He reminded them that their “lovely.

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Fears are somewhat less pronounced for comparative religion classes. Twenty-seven percent of Americans are very or somewhat.

Organized religion, especially the Roman Catholic Church and various Protestant churches, gave many Americans the sense that.

Fears are somewhat less pronounced for comparative religion classes. Twenty-seven percent of Americans are very or somewhat. individuals’ and communities’ roles in shaping the world around them? Of.

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This report, funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts and the John Templeton Foundation, is part of a larger effort by Pew Research Center to understand religious change and its impact on societies around.

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a percentage that has remained stable since the 1970s. Among nonwhite Americans who never attend services, the world “liberal.

More than 90 percent of atheists are white and the majority. In fact, Fish said, not believing in religion gives people.

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(Photo by EPA/K M ASAD/MaxPPP) Even as the world observed. At least 28 percent of countries experienced "high" or "very.

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